Comtec IPE engages proven technology partners providing “best-in-class” equipment and experience in plastics injection moulding. Comtec IPE has a complete equipment and knowledge portfolio for plastics injection moulding, with its partners recognised as leaders in their field, ensuring that Comtec IPE solutions offer the best possible performance from product concept to production and plant logistics.
Key markets and applications served include: thin-wall & IML, closures, healthcare, electronics, technical products, silicone (LSR, HTV).

experience & capabilites:

moulding machines

  • High speed hybrid machines (packaging & fast cycling)
  • Precise, fast and high end electric machines (high spec parts)
  • Hydraulic entry-level machines (general applications)
  • Vertical machines (insert & overmould)


  • Part design
  • Tool design
  • Hot-halves and hot-runner systems
  • Temperature and pressure sensor control systems for quality assurance
  • Specialist tool-making partners


  • 6-axis robots
  • Linear robotic systems
  • IML systems
  • End of arm tooling design & manufacture
  • Post process closure systems
  • Part pad printing & laser marking
  • Filling, sealing & labeling
  • Palletising
  • Specialised automation lines

quality control

  • Systems interconnectivity
  • On-line monitoring
  • Documentation

ancillary equipment

  • A complete range from pellet to pallet

turn key plant / project management

  • Concept development / Planning / Basic Design
  • Engineering and design
  • Production and supply
  • Installation and site management
  • Commissioning and training

specialist fields of systems integration

Comtec IPE Technology partners

  • Arburginjection moulding machines, automation
  • Mold-Mastershot-runner technology
  • Priamusprocess control technology
  • Ritemp Technologiesfaster, smarter, proven mould-cooling technology
  • Conairmaterial handling, drying, blending, granulating, heating & cooling
  • HB-Thermfluid temperature regulation systems
  • Trexelmicrocellular foaming solutions for engineering plastic parts
  • Stäubliquick mould change equipment