Comtec IPE designs and develops products made from liquid silicone (LSR) or solid silicon (HTV). There are numerous fields of application, and Comtec IPE has many years of specialist experience in the specification, delivery and support of integrated manufacturing systems to improve operational costs and part quality. The complete production cells demanded by the silicone industry must be able to meet the challenging requirements of cleanliness, as well as produce consistent part quality. Our integrated manufacturing systems include technologies and engineering that produce high-quality parts with a high-yield.

our process

To ensure that everything is right from the start, we advise you in detail from the concept stage onwards. Each system is designed and manufactured for long-life, with high-quality materials & components for any LSR or HTV application. A Comtec IPE integrated manufacturing system is fully installed in your factory, ready to make your parts.

specialist partners

Our long standing partnership with Arburg GmbH & Co KG, one of Europe’s leading injection moulding machine manufacturers, provides Comtec IPE with a range of high-quality injection moulding machines, automation systems, including precisely tailored dosage, vacuum and demoulding technology, specifically designed and developed for the demands silicone manufacturing.

Comtec IPE partners with a Bennett Precision Tooling, which has been manufacturing high-specification moulds since 1980. Recognised as a leader in the specialised area of silicone moulds, BPT & Comtec IPE have collaborated on many projects over the last 20 years.

2KM is one of the leading names in metering, mixing and dispensing of single or multi-component fluid materials. Specialisation in the processing of Polyurethane, Epoxy Resin, Polyester, Methacrylate, Polysulphide and Silicone materials of all viscosities for almost every application, since 1976.

automation & ancillaries

Comtec IPE integrates automation systems and ancillary equipment that are perfectly matched to the mould to form a highly repeatable and accurate production process. Specialising in: • robot take-out & assembly systems • end-of-arm tooling • clean room systems • LSR dispensing systems • vision systems • chiller systems • laser marking systems • unique product identification systems • quality control systems • production control systems

support, training & expertise

Comtec IPE is committed to assisting its customers achieve maximum manufacturing equipment up-time. Comtec IPE’s Service Technicians are factory certified, field experienced and are equipped with detailed checklists describing what and how the pieces of equipment need servicing. Technicians have access to specialist maintenance tools and software, maintenance databases, engineering design teams, and multiple technology experts. Our process trainers are experienced in the requirements of healthcare sector injection moulding and automation, to ensure that your process remains optimised.

unique technology

Priamus manufacture innovative solutions for in process measuring, monitoring, switching and control for quality assurance in injection moulding. Priamus Fill Control V module is developed for the automatic control of valve gates.

For cold runner moulds, such as LSR applications, it is important to achieve an equal filling otherwise the different filling volumes in the cavities will also cause a different compression after cross-linking. The results are unfilled parts that occur sporadically in different cavities.

The solution to this problem is the automatic detection of the melt front via cavity temperature or pressure sensors, and the automatic delay of the valve gate opening until an equal filling is achieved. <learn more>