Comtec IPE covers every aspect of technical product injection moulding processing – from product design to production planning. Our integrated manufacturing systems produce high-precision, complex technical components – always at competitive unit costs.

our process

To ensure that everything is right from the start, we advise you in detail from the concept stage onwards. Each system is designed and manufactured for long-life, with high-quality materials & components for any technical application. A Comtec IPE integrated manufacturing system is fully installed in your factory, ready to make your parts.

specialist partners

Our long standing partnership with Arburg GmbH & Co KG, one of Europe’s leading injection moulding machine manufacturers, provides Comtec IPE with a range of high-quality injection moulding machines and automation systems specifically designed and developed for technical product manufacturing. This includes both electric and hydraulic moulding machines and a wide variety of processes and process combinations, such as vertical moulding machines, multi-component, assembly, micro and powder injection moulding.

Comtec IPE partners with a limited number of mould makers who specialise in different sectors for the manufacture of technical moulds, including Micro Injection Moulding, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), Multi-Component, Insert Over-moulding, Thermoset Processing and special processes such as Ritemp and rapid heat/cool.

Priamus manufacture innovative solutions for in process measuring, monitoring, switching and control for quality assurance in injection moulding. Priamus Fill Control works to automatically balance the fill of each cavity during the production process. The patented system automatically adjusts the hot-runner nozzle temperature settings based on the fill time in each individual cavity, ensuring consistent quality parts. <learn more>


We partner with a number of engineering resin specialists, to ensure that the right materials are selected for the product that you need to manufacture. This includes providing customised solutions to your moulding. If you are looking for a solution tailored to your needs rather than trying to make your process fit an off the shelf compound then we would be happy to assist.

automation & ancillaries

Comtec IPE integrates automation systems and ancillary equipment that are perfectly matched to the mould to form a highly repeatable and accurate production process. Specialising in: • robot inserting, take-out & assembly systems • end-of-arm tooling • material drying systems • mould temperature regulation systems • chiller systems • material handling systems • printing and marking systems • unique product identification systems • vision systems • quality control systems • production control systems

support, training & expertise

Comtec IPE is committed to assisting its customers achieve maximum manufacturing equipment up-time. Comtec IPE’s Service Technicians are factory certified, field experienced and are equipped with detailed checklists describing what and how the pieces of equipment need servicing. Technicians have access to specialist maintenance tools and software, maintenance databases, engineering design teams, and multiple technology experts. Our process trainers are experienced in the requirements of technical injection moulding and automation, to ensure that your process remains optimised.

unique technology

Comtec IPE works closely with the providers of the latest technologies in the field, to ensure that your products can match the developing trends in the market, and offer quality and shelf life bents to your customer.

Ritemp patented cooling technology dramatically improves mould surface temperatures, to provide: improved cycle times and part dimensions, lower energy costs, no condensation on mould surface. Ultimately producing higher-yield. Ritemp cooled hot-halves enable cooling in places where it has traditionally been extremely difficult or impossible to regulate temperature. Ritemp design principles result in a thermal balance between plates by enabling even steel conditions between cooling chamber and heated component, leading to a more balanced filling of cavities. Ritemp hot halves show significantly improved part weight range in multi-cavity moulds, as well as water consumption and energy savings <learn more>

HB-Therm AG are specialists in mould heating and cooling units. Their Variotherm technology allows rapid switching between high and low temperature fluids to the cavity insert (rapid heat/rapid cool), helping to: • eliminate weld-lines • achieve optimal surface quality • reduce injection pressures • reduce sink marks <learn more>

Trexel MuCell micro foam technology. By introducing dosed amounts of gas in the supercritical state (SCF), particularly light and yet strong micro foamed parts can be produced. As a partner of Trexel, Comtec IPE, offers complete systems for the MuCell process. <learn more>