new technologies

Comtec IPE engages new technology partners providing cutting edge equipment and processes in plastics processing.  Each partner is recognised as an innovation leader offering patented technology.  The new technologies offer game changing advances and competitive advantage to the moulder.

The result for clients is direct access to new ideas and processes from experienced technicians and support staff that have the in-field knowledge required to keep each system optimised and running smoothly.

additive manufacturing (3D printing)

ARBURG’s unique freeformer produces fully functional plastic parts using the new additive manufacturing technique – ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) – from 3D CAD files. It offers freedom for the efficient production of individual parts and small-volume batches. Unlike conventional additive manufacturing techniques, standard granulates are melted as in the injection moulding process. The freeformer produces the component without support structures, layer by layer from minuscule droplets. <Learn More> <Download Brochure>

product identification & authentication

POLYSECURE develop marker solutions for product identification, authentication, sorting, and more. Its unique crystalline and ceramic particles, which are inert, biocompatible, and temperature stable to 1700oC, can either be homogenized into raw materials, or injected as resin into specifically located holes. Three protection levels are available: an in-the-field check optical fluorescence; a numerical product code based on the chemical code of our ceramic particles; and a random structural fingerprint that, in principle, cannot be copied. <Learn More>

process monitoring and control

PRIAMUS provides a range of products from cavity pressure and temperature sensors to complete measuring systems for process monitoring and control.  These systems provide the user with the ability to make control the injection profile through static or real-time in process adjustments to improve part quality and reduce scrap. <Learn More>

in mould – part cooling

RITEMP is a proven method of injection moulding cavity surface temperature regulation.  Through this Ritemp is able to deliver better dimensional part stability over individual parts and multi-cavities, and faster cycle times.  Other benefits include the ability to design more complex part geometries, less pump capacity and water requirements, and great return on investment. <Learn More>

microcellular foaming

The patented TREXEL MuCell Process which is used to produce injection molded parts worldwide (as well as TPE & TPV and other extruded products), provides significant cost savings and otherwise unattainable quality improvements. Due to the introduction of small, precise amounts of supercritical nitrogen gas into the molten resin during the molding process, the MuCell Process enables the production of otherwise unattainable stress free parts and parts which maintain strict dimensional stability. <Learn More>

barrier technology

Comtec IPE’s partnership with Mold-Masters and specialised mould manufacturers, works to deliver barrier technology systems and moulds for multi-layer injection moulding of containers to include a moisture, gas and light barrier. Designed to enable plastic containers for long shelf life – historically only available from traditional packaging of glass and tin. <Learn More>

rapid heat – rapid cool

HB-Therm AG are specialists in mould heating and cooling units. Their Variotherm technology allows rapid switching between high and low temperature fluids to the cavity insert (rapid heat/rapid cool), helping to: • eliminate weld-lines • achieve optimal surface quality • reduce injection pressures • reduce sink marks <learn more>