Barrier Co-injection

Comtec IPE has been a partner of Mold-Masters hot-runner technologies since 1998, and has a team of engineers with vast experience in hot-runner applications and service. As part of the same organisation, the Kortec co-injection barrier technology is now available to improve product shelf-life.

Barrier Co-injection is the process of injecting two resins simultaneously through a single gate to form a multi-layer structure. A barrier type Co-injection system comprises of:

  • The proven Mold-Masters E-multi all electric injection unit
  • The Kortec co-injection melt delivery system
  • The HMI controller for closed loop control of all parameters

Which can be integrated to a wide variety of injection moulding machines with a Euromap interface.

Comtec IPE assists with the design and development of your barrier product, and works with various specialised mould-makers to deliver a complete system.


PET Preforms for Beverages

Typical applications that benefit from this process are beer, coffee, tea, milk, tomato-based sauces, small carbonated soft drinks, natural fruit juices, alternative malt beverages and more.

The finished PET multi-layer container can offer as much as 60 times the oxygen barrier performance of a monolayer PET container, which greatly improves shelf life.

Polypropylene Preforms for Foods

There is increasing interest in using multi-layer PP containers worldwide in commercial applications as an alternative to glass for products such as pasta sauces, fruits, baby foods, soups, vegetables, condiments and dry foods/powders.

Product light weighting

Systems from 4-cavities to 144-cavities are available depending on the output requirements of each application.

Gamma-Clear technology, which is owned by Amcor (USA) and licensed worldwide by Kortec (outside of North America), features the use of polypropylene and EVOH with a ‘compatibilizer’ to strengthen the container’s properties and prevent de-lamination.

Barrier Thinwall Containers for Food

These multi-layer, net shape molded containers are ideal for numerous retortable food applications, including fruit, fish, vegetables, coffee, baby food, pet food and more.

The three layer thin wall injection molded containers are constructed of an EVOH barrier layer between two layers of PP, without the typical adhesive layers used in extrusion based blow molded or thermoformed containers, which typically end up as a 5 to 7 layers structure.

An adhesion promoter is added to the skin layers to prevent de-lamination, and the PP can be a clarified grade for clear containers if desired.

The multi-layer containers are produced with the same cycle times as monolayer containers. Besides the obvious advantages these containers offer over glass and metal packages, including reduced weight, lower part costs, no breakage and higher quality aesthetics, the injection molded containers provide higher quality, faster line fill speeds, better part to part consistency and longer product shelf life.