Priamus Systems Technologies

Priamus System Technologies of Switzerland provide a range of modular products for solving injection moulding process problems. As opposed to using signals from the injection moulding machine, Priamus utilise pressure and temperature sensors inside the mould, for its systems that Measure, Monitor, Switch and Control the process measurement signals to improve injection moulding process and quality control.

Monitor – Monitoring the process

FILLCONTROL Monitor is the basis for all PRIAMUS systems. Because every process must first of all be monitored to make sure that definitely no bad part will be shipped to the end customer.

The most common problems in injection molding are quality variations of the molded parts. Intermittently unfilled parts can occur due to variations in the viscosity, and impact the dimension or the surface structure of a molded part – even if the machine settings are completely reproducible. So there is no point to monitor machine parameters. Only the properties of the parts themselves give information whether they should be separated or accepted as a good part.

Switch – Controlling the process

FILLCONTROL Switch generates real time switching signals. Fully automatic, depending on the melt front, or conventionally depending on programmed switching levels or events.

The melt front moves at different velocities depending on the condition of the melt.. With Priamus the melt front is automatically detected with the help of pressure and temperature sensors and then used for real time switching controls. This way valve gates are always opened and closed in the right moment. Injection compression processes can be initialized, cores can be moved in one or the other direction or venting of the cavities gets dynamically controlled.


H – Balancing and controlling hotrunners

FILLCONTROL Control H balances multi cavity hotrunner molds and controls the melt flow of large area parts – fully automatically.

The hotrunner is subject to a number of influences which change the melt flow direction. This explains why hotrunner systems show different thermal inertia and why they cause different melt front positions in unbalanced systems. In case of large-scale molded parts the melt flow is controlled by Priamus. Weld lines can therefore be controlled to a certain position.

V – Balancing the valve gate nozzles

FILLCONTROL Control V balances and controls the melt flow especially of cold runner molds by automatically delaying the opening of the valve gate nozzles.

M – Controlling the machine

FILLCONTROL Control M controls the quality of the molded parts by adapting the machine settings cycle by cycle, to achieve an optimized process automatically.

The goal of process control is not only to detect the bad parts, but to avoid them. In case of an injection molding machine, the settings must be permanently adjusted in order to achieve constant properties in terms of dimension, mechanical strength and surface quality.

The Control-M module controls the injection profile, the holding pressure profile, as well as the melt and mold temperatures of hot and cold runners. Therefore, a mold can be transferred from one machine to another without changing the part quality.

Measure – Compact sensors and quick disconnects

Specifically for multi cavity molds with many cavities the installation of conventional sensors is very often difficult. PRIAMUS sensors can be installed into the mold inserts separable and water proof.

  • Cavity pressure sensors are available in various formats, machinable, non-machinable, either 48 or 60HRc, and with a temperature range including cable up to 320C.
  • Melt temperature sensors are machinable, 60HRc, and temperature range with cable up to 450C.

Fully Digital

BlueLine is a modular hardware concept that can be arranged according to needs and application. Digital 4-channel and 16-channel amplifiers for pressure and temperature are assembled and combined in any order of place somewhere near the mold. With only one single hybrid bus cable they are connected to the actual control and monitoring unit – the BlueLine Core.

Perfect Communication

Every monitoring, switch control and control of a process are only as effective as the options which are provided by the interface. BlueLine features a thorough but straightforward interface concept which can be used for any injection molding machine or its peripherals such as a robot.

This way, for example, individual bad parts of a 32 cavity or 64 cavity mold can be separated.