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Ultra Purge can effectively reduce waste and downtime for your business

Ultra Purge is a leading provider of purging compounds for injection moulding, hot runners, extruders and other plastic machinery applications. Read more.

Ultra Purge speeds up colour changes and removes carbon buildups

Colour changes and carbon contamination result in excessive scrap and downtime for many companies Producing industrial packaging. Read more.

Hidden colours in hot runners removed by ultra purge

Injection moulders many times do not realize how much colour contamination is built up in the Hot runner system. Read more.

Ultra Purge solves polycarbonate issues for moulder

Processing polycarbonate (PC) often can be a difficult task for plastic processors. PC has a tendency to degrade and result in black specks (carbon) contaminating parts. Read More.

Fast colour change with ultra purge pet-e purging compound

Purging a single stage injection blow pet machine can be tricky because moulding parts out of the Purge is required. Read more.

Quality Rarely Comes Alone – Article

Read the special reprint from Kunststoffe international 6-7/2015 – Quality Rarely Comes Alone by Christopherus Bader. Sulzer Mixpac Is Investigating the Efficiency of Sensor-Based Process Control Systems. Read the full article here


Overview of improvements to the PRIAMUS FillControl v 1.13. Download the release notes from PRIAMUS System Technologies AG.
Download the Release notes.
Download Release-Hinweise

PRIAMUS Agent Newsletter July 2015

FILLCONTROL – New Version 1.13 A new version of 7080A FILLCONTROL has been released. Click here to read the full newsletter

Kunststoffe Article on Priamus

22nd July, 2014. A special reprint of the German technical plastics magazine (Kunststoffe) discusses how Priamus Technologies Systems enables quality control from within the mould.

<download article>

Jalna – IML Systems for Pot and Lid

Article as seen in Arburg Today, issue 55.

In July 2013, Jalplas invested in two fully automated production cells, which are able to produce the complete 2kg container with assembled handle, and the lids using In Mould Labelling Technology.

Read the complete article here

Read the Chinese version here

The full version of the Arburg Today issue 55 can be downloaded <here>