part printing and marking solutions

Comtec IPE engages proven technology partners providing “best in class” equipment and experience in printing and marking. Each partner offers proven, and in many cases, patented technology. In addition, partners are recognised leaders in each product category ensuring that each Comtec IPE solution offers the best possible performance.

pad printing

Through its partnership with Tampoprint AG, Comtec IPE provide a range of solutions from single colour through multi-colour, through to photorealistic images.  Printing can be performed on flat shapes, conical and non-uniform shapes, from small to large parts, and in manual, semi-automatic or continuous mode.  Our experts can show you a range of decorative options and samples.

additive manufacturing (3D printing)

ARBURG’s unique freeformer produces fully functional plastic parts using the new additive manufacturing technique – ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (AKF) – from 3D CAD files. It offers freedom for the efficient production of individual parts and small-volume batches. Unlike conventional additive manufacturing techniques, standard granulates are melted as in the injection moulding process. The freeformer produces the component without support structures, layer by layer from minuscule droplets.

laser marking

Comtec IPE offer a range of specialized laser marking equipment for virtually any material. Our experts can help identify the perfect solution from its ranges for your product identification, promotion or unique application.  From the basic principle of zero-contact marking on substrate, to barcoding, serial numbering, special promotions and decoration, there is a value adding option available when partnering with Comtec IPE.

high-speed automated systems

High volume decoration and marking require specialized automated equipment, which can be continuously run on in-line or off-line production.  Comtec IPE’s certified partners have years of specialized development and experience in these areas and have developed many standardized high-speed lines for both pad printing, laser marking or combinations of both.  Made to suit applications are a speciality.


Essential to the success of your business is a readily available supply of consumables.  Comtec IPE stock general ink, specialist inks, and all the consumables required to keep your equipment performing at optimum levels.  Rapid turnaround on artwork and special colours is a specialty.

Markets and Applications served include:

  • FMCG
  • Packaging – Closures & Thinwall
  • Healthcare – Device & Pharmaceutical
  • Toys
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Product Promotional
  • Unique coding
  • Any other product you would like to make, decorate, code or mark

Comtec IPE Technology partners

  • Tampoprint AGmanual feed through to high-speed fully-automated printing systems, consumables
  • Alfalaslaser marking systems, rapid promotion marking systems
  • ArburgAdditive Manufacturing – 3D Printing