product development & design

Comtec IPE offers the capabilities of product design and development projects, specialising in the electronic consumer goods, medical device, and FMCG packaging sectors, especially for injection moulded products in South East Asia and Australasia.

The problem with many product development firms is that they are general product designers with little internal understanding of the technical nature and properties of plastics materials, the requirements of mould design, cooling design, the process of injection moulding, and how this affects post process automation and assembly.  Generally this leads to products that look good, but selected materials, tooling, and production processing methods that produce overweight parts slowly, inefficiently and with high levels of scrap. With poor Intellectual Property protection and inadequate commercialisation methods these products can quickly be redesigned by industry specialists at lower production costs.

Comtec IPE addresses these problems with its deep understanding and experience through the entire product development value chain.  From expertise in the legal and commercial aspects of Intellectual Property, to project managers, industrial designers, mould designers, polymer technologists, moulding and post process engineers, the Comtec IPE team all come from highly experienced backgrounds and world renowned tertiary institutions. This enables the Comtec IPE team to work collaboratively on projects to ensure that your product is designed not only for looks and ergonomics, but to ensure that it is designed for the competitive market and consistent quality with efficient volume production.

Specialist consultancy

  • product design – 3D
  • mechanical engineering
  • simulations
  • FEA
  • moldflow
  • part cooling analysis
  • rapid prototyping
  • materials specifications
  • manufacturing feasibility
  • commercialisation & financing options
  • intellectual property (IP)- commercial vs protective considerations & methods
  • suitable partner sourcing (manufacturing, sales & commercialisation)
  • process development
  • injection mould design
  • manufacturing equipment specifications & procurement
  • special purpose automation equipment design
  • project management