Support, Training & Expertise

Comtec IPE is committed to assisting its customers achieve maximum manufacturing equipment up-time through a portfolio of innovative, comprehensive standard and non-standard services. Comtec IPE’s Service Technicians are factory certified, field experienced and are equipped with detailed checklists describing what and how the pieces of equipment need servicing. Technicians have access to specialist maintenance tools and software, maintenance databases, engineering design teams, and multiple technology experts.

Predictive Maintenance

The Comtec IPE service program uses predictive maintenance to minimise the costs and lost revenues from unplanned downtime by converting as many unscheduled events into scheduled events as possible, by identifying potential issues before they occur. Comtec IPE’s Service Program aims to provide the customer with fixed prices and is split into:

  • Bi-annual inspection, measurement and reporting services
  • Annual calibration services, to return the equipment to manufacturers specifi cation
  • Predictive maintenance, based on the recommendations of the inspection services Depending on the requirements of the customer, Comtec

IPE also provides options for:

  • Mould maintenance
  • Routine OEM parts replacement services
  • In-line oil filtration
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Production monitoring & scheduling
  • Remote on-line service & assistance
  • Customised services Customers with Comtec IPE service plans also receive “priority response” over non-contract customers

Comtec IPe-Learning

Good equipment operators improve your manufacturing productivity and part quality. A trained moulding technician is a critical element in the product value chain and can help ensure that the developments from product designer, tool designer and production management are realised in the quality of the product that is delivered to your customer. Comtec IPE provides a structured training program delivered by skilled moulding technicians who are trained in the art of moulding and have years of practical experience. The Comtec IPe-Learning program will improve product quality, reduce scrap, and assist in the rapid resolution of moulding issues. Comtec IPE provide multiple levels of training from beginner to expert, as well as specialised fields.