The problem with most Intellectual Property (“IP”) advice is that it is from a legal firm and will focus on the approach that a lawyer will take in order to create the maximum protection for your IP should it ever need to be defended in a court. Although protection is important, what this process fails to appreciate is the business perspective, its market and customers level of acceptance for that protection. This ultimately limits sales and creates high continuing legal costs for renegotiation with every single client.


Comtec IPE focuses on a business strategic approach to connect innovation to IP management and enable value to be created from technology, both internally created and externally leveraged. This includes an understanding of the relevant law, rather than a solely legal approach – helping you to develop your business model to integrate IP strategies that focus on relevant protection, but remove the barriers to achieving sales.


Michael Parrington has experience as a director in businesses that have operations reliant on IP sales to global OEM’s and Tier-1 manufacturers. He has a specialist business and legal tertiary background, including the entrepreneurial OPM Program at Harvard Business School, an MBA from Swinburne University, and is currently completing a Masters of Law in Intellectual Property at Melbourne University. Michael is also a member of the Harvard Club of Victoria, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Society of Plastics Engineers.


Michael will help you understand the range of IP protections available for your products and ideas, the process for creating the protections, and how the court process works – in Australia and Internationally. With this knowledge, using business and industry analysis, Michael will help you to integrate IP management into a business model and strategy that suits your company and what it is trying to achieve.

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