comtec ipe, what we do

what we do

Comtec IPE designs & develops products and processes that are high-quality, high-yield, conceived to suit each application, and easy to implement. Expertise is offered in the following areas:

  • Product Design & Development
  • Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  • Specialised Moulds and Technologies
  • Materials & Consumables
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Comtec IPe-Learning

Comtec IPE engages proven technology partners providing “best in class” equipment for each application. Our technicians are “factory certified” through extensive and ongoing training with each partner. The result for clients is direct access to experienced technicians and support staff that have the in-field knowledge required to keep each system optimised.

  • compounding & extrusion

    Full Equipment Lines for Polyolefins, Engineering Plastics, Masterbatch, PVC, Food, Pharmaceutical, Reactive Extrusion, Powder-coating, Adhesives, Construction Materials, Pipe & Profile, Chemical.  Learn More »

  • moulding

    Full equipment lines for Closures, Packaging – Thin Wall & IML, Healthcare – Device & Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Electronics, Automotive, White Goods, Seals, Mould Makers, Quality Control.  Learn More »

  • process auxiliaries

    Complete equipment lines for general plastics injection and extrusion applications, and specialist applications in Closures, Packaging – Thin Wall & IML, Healthcare – Device & Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Electronics.  Learn More »

  • new technologies

    Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Product Identification & Authentication, Process Monitoring & Control, Unique In-Mould Cooling Systems, Material Volume Reduction, Part Dimensional Stability, Food Shelf Life Extension.  Learn More »

  • print & mark

    Pad printing, 3D printing, Laser Marking, Automation Systems for Closures, FMCG, Healthcare, Electronics, Promotional Items, Product Unique Identification, Toys, Automotive, Product Development.  Learn More »

  • product design & development

    Product design from concept through drafting, to project management of prototyping, production process development, systems integration, commercialisation, and intellectual property protection & licensing.  Learn More »

  • connectors

    Complete range of quick release connectors for Plastics, Healthcare – pharmaceutical, Rail & Tram, Mining, Chemical, Off-Shore, Defence, Automotive Assembly, Motor-Racing, Safety, Environmental.  Learn More »

  • services

    Committed to assisting customers achieve maximum manufacturing equipment up-time through a portfolio of innovative, comprehensive standard and non-standard services, process training, e-Learning.  Learn More »